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September 4, 2010

What's stitching in September...

First of all, everybody waiting for the bedsheets will have to wait a little longer. We are sourcing some new fabrics as well as working on designs based on your feedback and comments. So, we are rescheduling the launch of the bedsheet range. Meanwhile, you can send in an email ([email protected]) if you want something specific or custom designed.

We are often asked about how to maintain appliques. Here are some things we recommend:

  • First time dry clean if appliques are bright/dark colored. Most appliques are tested under ideal conditions and do not bleed color.
  • Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle, thereafter.
  • Do not soak for too long.
  • If you see a thread coming off, please do not pull it. Instead, just snip it off with a pair of scissors.
  • While drying do not wring too hard. For example, we have a foam insert in the butterfly wings which will not withstand wringing. Dry the butterfly poncho flat to maintain the shape of the wings.
  • And finally, do not iron with a very hot iron. Either place a cotton fabric on top. Alternately, reverse and iron. This maintains the sheen of the corduroy appliques. When you give sheets etc to the neighbourhood dhobi, instruct him to iron on the reverse.

That's about it, I guess!

Will be announcing the next Pipal Talk giveaway this coming week! We are planning to make it a fortnightly feature - will keep you posted.

And before I sign off, a sneak preview of our latest quilt...will be online shortly!

If you'd like to share your reviews and pictures, please email me at [email protected]