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September 1, 2010

Featured Review: Mugdha Kalra

It's always nice to hear from our customers. Gives us feedback about what we need to improve and also encourages us to launch new products. Since most people leave reviews on Facebook or product pages on, not everybody gets to read them. So this is a step in that direction!

Our first featured Mommy is MUGDHA KALRA who has an adorable baby boy MADHAV.

Mugdha Kalra: When I chanced upon thepipal website i was actually amazed to see these products in India. Believe me, being a shopaholic I had scanned the entire market for baby products but had never seen such lovely personalised colorful accessories for kids. I had ordered a set of towels with my son's name on it and a set of three toiletry kits. The options in colors were all bright and the motifs were super cute. Even though my son is really young but when I read out his name on the towel he puts his lil fingers on the alphabets.
The towel set came in different sizes and so did the toiletry kit. I use the smallest to put his medicines and the other two for carrying other baby products such as body lotion, antimosquito wipes, hand sanitizer, nasal drops etc. The bottles are all standard size and they fit well in the kits. Every time I have taken out the kit from the baby bag I have had even strangers sitting in a coffee shop ask me where I bought it from. The products are unique and kids love the fact that they own it. Products from thepipal make for thoughtful gifting options too. I am hoping they introduce few more products because it seems soon I would have bought everything that they make.

Thanks Mugdha for the review and suggestions!

If you'd like to share your reviews and pictures, please email me at [email protected]