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November 16, 2010

The Pipal @ Mumbai: AA Living's BIBZY

We have some exciting news to share - Little Pipal products are now available at BIBZY, AA Living, Luxury Home Interiors Store at Napean Sea Road, Mumbai.

We are showcasing some of our popular designs and launching a new range of products designed exclusively for BIBZY. Its been an awesome experience to grow beyond the virtual world of facebook and google to a "brick-n-mortar" store. Our strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is echoed by BIBZY and forms the basis of a strong partnership.  

AA Living
Luxury home interiors Store,
Rajul Apts, 9 Harkness Road, (Opp. gold’s gym),
Nepean Sea Road. Mumbai - 6
Tel: 022-23683985

Store opening hours: 
10:30 am - 7:30 pm

November 12, 2010

A room come true for a budding astronaut...

It's been a crazy few weeks - crazily busy at work as well as home! Diwali orders, expansion plans, and more...
So, while the blog was on the back burner, I decided to gift my son a room makeover - a first after The Pipal was started :)

Took months of planning and research, online shopping (I am an onlineshopaholic, if there is a term like that :-)), and voila, just before Diwali I put together everything!
It's a medium sized room (probably 10ftx10ft) with a study on one side and the bed on the other. The complete solar system (including Pluto) hangs from the ceiling - they are inflatable balls! The window valance has the solar system (excluding Pluto) appliqued and embroidered on it.
The floor cushion is 3.5ftx3.5ft and is a family favorite - everybody (including our dogs) loves to flop down on it! The rugs from Bibzy and wall stickers from Wallies perfectly match the theme. The one-eyed alien is a new addition to The Pipal's astronaut theme.
Have yet to add shaped curtain ties to complete the window dressing and am still looking for the perfect night light!
A lot new designs and projects in the works even while I write this post...but it's lovely to snuggle with my son in his bed looking for aliens and fairies (yeah fairies :-)) in the planets above...