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September 19, 2010

Featured Pipal: Mudita and Madhuakshi

This bedding order will always remind me of Google Chrome logo waala yellow! Yes, that's exactly what Mudita's specs were and I think the yellow is pretty close :) We did a quilt with coordinated curtains and cushions for Madhuakshi!

And, the sweetest part was Madhuakshi's call when her mom did up her room!

Here's Mudita's review:
Madhuakshi is so delighted with her dream room, that even with running high temperature she cant stop running to her room every time somebody comes home to show it off. She is most happy with her name written on her stuff, I think it gives the kids a sense of things belonging just to them.

And the quality of the stuff is excellent, hence I don't think things are expensive.
No price can be comparable to the happiness it has brought to my little princess, the glint in her eyes, the pride on her face when she tells every one about her stuff is just tooo good.
I really cant thank you enough for making Madhuakshi so happy and so proud of her Mom.

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