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September 8, 2010

Featured Pipal: Garima and Sanskriti

It just so happened that I saw THE PIPAL ad on FB. It wasn't that colorful but the word customized caught my eye. I visited their FB page and checked the site. The products were amazing. Towels, bath wraps, sheets, cushions, quilts....and what not. Married to an army officer and getting posted to small towns and cities I always keep a stock of things, and this time too I had stocked them. So I tried controlling myself from going on this online shopping spree. Oh my God, I tell you, it was difficult as the products that THE PIPAL offered were so tempting. I couldn't resist myself for long and got in touch with Abha. And the result was a b'ful customized set of 3 cushions and a sheet for my daughter.

It was not that I only admired it, but my 2 yrs old daughter too showed her appreciation by telling me that the set had  flutterey (butterfly) and  baa (flower) and keeda (lady bugs). She carried her name cushion with her the whole day, I wondered if she actually knew that her name was embroidered on it. She simply loved it.

My first experience of shopping with THE PIPAL was good and I knew that I have found a perfect kind of place for shopping for my daughter and that too at my convenient time, sitting at home. My husband was happier than me because he knew that now I will not make him run from shop to shop in search of that desired color combination or theme, and he will get the best things for his Princess without getting bugged. :) The first purchase that I did from THE PIPAL spoke all about  the quality that was offered and the efforts that were put in.  For me in one word its wonderful

A friend of mine was visiting me when she saw Sanskriti's Animal zoo cushion and Lil cupcake cushion set. I could feel that "WOW" kinda feeling she had after looking at the stuff. And those wooden magnetic alphabets; Oh they are a hit. Sanskriti is fascinated with them and her friends find them interesting. I have put them on my refrigerator, so they are noticed by all the visitors. When one of my friend said that she too got magnetic alphabets for her daughter from some shop but these are more interesting , colorful and pretty; I actually felt like patting my back :).... (for the great choice and effortless shopping)

The latest addition to the treasure is the bright color Lil angel cushion. And now I am eagerly waiting for the bath robe with my angel's name on it. Well.... for me this is not the end of the shopping road which goes to THE PIPAL. Thanks Abha for making me feel like a Princess's mother, who has everything special. 

Thanks Garima for the review!

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