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September 29, 2010

Featured Pipal: Chrysette and Daniel

The personalized body cushions is one of our popular products. One of our first online customers, Chrysette sent in her reviews:

A few months ago, I was just browsing around on Facebook and saw this ad in my right pane about personalized items for kids. Since I have a two year old little boy, I just decided to give the site/page a once-over. I did and I didn’t stop looking!!! They had a whole range of stuff available that you could have personalized in whatever way you wanted from colour to motifs and even what you wanted to write! I kept coming back to the site a couple of times but I was wary of buying stuff online because of the fact that it might look good in a picture on the net but when I get the item, I might be disappointed as to the quality of the product. Finally, I realized I would never know until I tried it and I decided to pick one of the body cushions for my son. There was a train one and I knew my son would love it coz it had wheels so I went online and ordered it, I thought to myself, well, I will know in a week if I made a mistake! I knew sooner! I got my cushion in four days, I think, coz I was surprised I had gotten it so soon! And it was exactly as it was in the picture. Everything was as I had seen it on the site. I was so happy with the quality especially! I had placed it at the edge of my bed while my son was asleep and when he woke up, he saw it and he was so happy! It has been almost three months now that he has it but he still hasn’t gotten tired of reading out his name on it, or playing with it, using it like a tree or just something to lie down on for fun. Watching him play with it really makes me feel like I got my money’s worth!! 

About a personalized experience, I must say, Abha was excellent handling my every query. I needed another cushion exactly like the first for my nephew and even though the original design could only accommodate seven letters, Abha somehow made it possible to fit nine! And everything was still the same as the original!! Both the little guys have loads of fun fooling around on their train cushions and it is really a pleasure to watch them.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for something different or special and you have an idea in your head, I am sure the team at ‘The Pipal’ can make that idea a reality (Disclaimer: Everything within reason, of course!!). And do an awesome job of it too! 

The Pipal was personalized shopping in every way right from placing my order to getting exactly what I wanted and even down to tracking an errant cushion! Amazing! Good luck to you in everything you do!

Thanks, Chrysette, for giving us a chance :)

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