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August 6, 2010

Make Your Own Towel Set

The first in our "Make Your Own" series is quite a big hit with our customers. It's a win-win situation all around :)
Customers like the fact that they can select colours and motifs to create a truly personal towel set. The design and production team are happy that they don't have to come up with combinations, our customers 'design' for us :)

Here are some pictures of the wonderful combinations our customers have put together.

One of my friends remarked that her daughter was crazy about rockets - so now she could put together a space theme on pink when we add the space theme motifs. I was like WOW, we didnt think about that! Imagine a little girl astronaut...
And that got us thinking - customers could design their own quilts, sheets, cushions etc And that's where The Pipal is step at a time!
Thank you guys for all the ideas!


Unknown said...

it is great coz it helps the kid in the mine mine mine, ha ha and makes a parent live vicariously:)

Unknown said...

hey..if i win...i would like the ocean set with the letter D on it...thanks...fingers crossed...!!

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