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August 9, 2010

Aryan's first desk

My son's just started kindergarten which means he needs a desk of his own - typical mommy thought process :)
Looked around shops and most of them had those standard cartoons painted on the desk. I wanted something which would evolve as he grows up. So ended up getting a custom made desk made for him!

We used wall stickers (who said you can use them on walls only!!!) to do up the desk. When he outgrows ABCs can do up the desk in a brand new theme  with new stickers :) Aryan put up the stickers himself albeit with a little help ;)

And, then it was time to put up his favorite things on the desk which included his starfish n seashell collection.

I can already see the desk covered in superheroes, toy cars, and Mcdonalds toys. The ikea artwork replaced by some sports star poster...UGH!!!

Should enjoy this long as it lasts...

If you'd like to share a project you did for your kids' room, please email me at [email protected]