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January 23, 2011

cupcakes & ice creams, candies & lollipops

That's the name of our latest theme, exclusively available at Bibzy ( - this one is in luxurious 400ct sheeting in a new palette of pastel colors.
Here's a picture of the store display...
I love the way AA Living has coordinated Bibzy's pompom blankets and gumdrops rug (it's my favorite!) in the display.

We used cutwork embroidery and lots of appliques in the four shapes in pastel colors to come up with this theme. Pompoms and satin bows were added liberally on the cupcakes and lollipops. Heart shaped buttons added that extra touch on the ice cream sundaes :)
The baby nap mat comes in a coordinated cupcake print in soft flannel!

The cushions in this theme are super adorable, I think! I maybe biased :)

The curtains were kept simple: Bows and buttons on the curtain and a cutwork valance to add the right balance in a theme which has a lot of motifs!

And last but not the least, the towels and toiletry kits perfectly complementing the whole theme!

The CUPCAKES & ICE CREAMS, CANDIES & LOLLIPOPS theme is available at:

AA Living
Luxury home interiors Store,
Rajul Apts, 9 Harkness Road, (Opp. gold’s gym),
Nepean Sea Road. Mumbai - 6
Tel: 022-23683985

Store opening hours: 
10:30 am - 7:30 pm

For queries, please email [email protected]