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October 3, 2010

Plush Finger Puppets

I simply love finger puppets! They are extremely versatile toys - of course please use with caution with kids under 3 years old (small parts and they put them in their mouth etc) But they are tons of fun!
I have used them with my son since he was 6 months old. Started with Old Macdonald - I still remember his eyes popping out when I would go Moo Moo here and a Moo Moo there with a little cow puppet on my finger. I like to think he started recognizing animals faster because of the puppets :)
And as they get older, its fun to see them come up with their own stories. I know two brothers who once staged a finger puppet show from behind the sofa when I gifted them a set :) Simple toy unleashes their creativity!
And also very convenient to carry when you travelling! Pull out a couple of puppets anytime anywhere to enact a story. Are great for bedtime stories too!
For the DIY mom, its great to use for sew on craft projects like sprucing up an old cushion or making a toran. I am sure moms out there will have more ideas :) Would love to hear your ideas - please email me at [email protected].
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